Insightful business advice

Muson&Hills LLP’s team of accountants in the Greater London area is not just all about doing the accounting heavy lifting for you. We are also business experts that you can turn to for high-value advice that will improve your profitability and help you weather headwinds that may arise. Furthermore, as a modern accounting firm that embraces the power of technology to boost efficiencies and save time and costs, we can also provide your in-house team with professional training on cloud-based technologies such as Xero.

Weathering Through Market Storms

Market StormsUnprecedented crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic can send shockwaves across the economy and pose significant impacts on businesses. At Muson&Hills LLP, we can help you bounce back stronger than ever by providing our expert insights and assisting you with your strategic business planning and restructuring efforts.

Because we believe that each business is unique, we will work closely with you to understand your needs, know the ins and outs of your market, and identify areas for improvement to get you back up to speed. As a modern accounting firm, we will also harness the power of cloud technology and innovative apps to streamline your processes and boost your operational efficiencies.

Your very own virtual CFO at a fraction of the regular cost

Virtual CfoA Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can add great value to your organisation by helping you achieve a whole new level of understanding of your financials, providing strategic direction, and serving as a trusted advisor that will be there to guide you throughout your business journey. However, many small business owners feel that hiring a CFO is a huge leap that they are not yet ready to take.

With this, Muson&Hills LLP offers a cost-efficient way to enjoy the benefits of having a senior accounting executive through our Virtual CFO service. By having a Virtual CFO, you can gain access to expert insights and fresh perspectives that will help you make better management decisions at a fraction of the regular cost of hiring a full-time in-house CFO.

Reaching your maximum profit potential

ProfitAt Muson&Hills LLP, we believe that each business has profit potential. It is just about tapping into opportunities that are already there but are yet to be found. When you work with our team of accountants in the Greater London Area, we will help you identify those untapped opportunities and map out the path towards your goals.

Because we consider your business as our own, we never run out of ways of improving your profitability, preventing cashflow troubles, and ensuring that you meet your targets.

Streamlining your accounting processes through cloud technology

Cloud TechnologyAs the business landscape continues to become modernised, it is crucial to be able to ride the wave and adapt to these changes. Muson&Hills LLP will not only help you set up an innovative accounting system using the latest cloud-based tools such as Xero, but we will also provide training to your in-house team.

By doing this, we can ensure that the accounting system will be implemented correctly and you will be able to take full advantage of what your cloud-based software can do.

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